Saturday, February 16, 2019

65 Ways To Praise Your Sponsored Child (For All Ages)

Sometimes it can be so difficult to know how to praise, compliment, and encourage our sponsored children, particularly if we've never met them and/or feel like we are struggling to "know" them. Here are some ways to compliment, encourage, and lift up your sponsored child, even if we don't know them very well!

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  1. I love you!
  2. You have such a nice smile!
  3. You are getting so tall!
  4. It's wonderful to see you growing up and looking healthy.
  5. I love your _____(item a child is wearing in their photo)
  6. You have very nice handwriting.
  7. You always write such interesting letters.
  8. You are such a faithful letter writer, even though I know you must be busy.
  9. I am so proud of you!
  10. Your letters are always so cheerful!
  11. Thank you for sharing that with me!
  12. You are such a smart boy/girl!
  13. You are really intelligent! 
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  14. I am proud to see you working hard in school.
  15. I am proud of you for not giving up!
  16. You did it!
  17. I believe in you!
  18. You did your best.
  19. You are so brave!
  20. You are so kind!
  21. I am glad to hear about you being a good friend to _____ (friend that they have mentioned)
  22. You are such a big help to your family!
  23. Your parents (guardians) must be so glad that you are able to help them with _____ (chore they have mentioned)
  24. ______(child's siblings) must love having a brother/sister like you!
  25. You did such a wonderful job drawing this picture!
  26. You are a great artist!
  27. You are so creative!
  28. You have a lot of determination.
  29. You show a lot of persistence.
  30. You did a great job following directions!
  31. I'm so proud of the goals you have set!
  32. You're very talented.
  33. I'm so blessed to know you!
  34. You make my life brighter.
  35. You have a great sense of humor!
  36. You are beautiful/handsome.
  37. You are unique!
  38. There is nobody else in the world exactly like you.
  39. Your letters are so encouraging.
  40. You are such a special person. 
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  41. Great teamwork!
  42. You are honest/truthful.
  43. You never give up.
  44. You have the potential to do great things.
  45. You are a great leader.
  46. You're so hopeful.
  47. You make me thankful that I'm a sponsor.
  48. You have shown a lot of improvement!
  49. I'm glad to hear that you tried something new!
  50. Thank you for your prayers.
  51. You're very responsible.
  52. Congratulations!
  53. You have a great imagination!
  54. I really look forward to your letters!
  55. It's great that you are learning new things!
  56. You're such a caring person.
  57. Thank you for taking the time to write!
  58. Thank you for taking the time to draw me a picture!  
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  59. I learned something new from you.
  60. You are so passionate about ______
  61. You are important.
  62. You have a bright future!
  63. I appreciate you telling me about______
  64. You must have practiced really hard to be able to do that!
  65. I'd like to hear more about______

Hopefully this post gives you some ideas for complimenting your sponsored children through letters!

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